Hello and welcome,
I’m Panos Savvidis – non Dj producer and this is my website.

I produce electronic music since 2007 using FL Studio. I started producing Trance under nick names like esvvidi, TTLlevel… and in 2012 I got also into House EDM using my real name. Some of my video – tutorials (although I never named them tutorials…), which are about EDM melodies, have become a little popular, especially this one which I’m happy to say that it’s still the most viewed “tutorial” on EDM melodies!

 Here you can find gathered everything I upload on my YouTube page: Video “Tutorials“, Song Videos, flps, presets. Also you can find a page with some very useful videos from YouTube about mixing and mastering.

If you like my songs you can go to Buy Songs page and buy any of my songs you like! The importance of your support for a non Dj producer cannot be over emphasised...

Also you can request a new full mastered EDM song in my style to use it as you want in the Request for Song page.